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LPF franchises


Get your chance to live in the USA through an investment.

Our franchises simplify the process for you to reside legally in the US since        we know the direct and indirect costs of the item and we put it at your disposal.

The search for the commercial premises is based on the area that is strategically beneficial for the licensee as we will offer several strategic options that can be analyzed in a timely manner.

The search for the premises consists precisely in the choice of this, it does not include any type of expense or service. The premises will be required to be clean and in good condition (without moisture, dirt, or breakage of glasses, etc.) Permits must be requested by the licensee with the advice of LPF to expedite the themselves.

We will advise you on service providers, leaving a free choice of these to the licensee

Together we can build your store in a predictable and safe way.

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