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Frequently Asked Questions

What is porcelain?

Porcelain is a material that is used for the covering of floors and walls. These characteristics make the porcelain tile useful in public spaces with a lot of traffic, like an airport or a hospital, since the product has good durability and does not require great effort to maintain ot.

What is polished porcelain?

Polished porcelain with mirror shine. It is a refined material, easy and quick cleaning. It is used in airports. and many other areas. Glazed porcelain: Absorbs approximately 0.5% water. - Among other types of porcelain we have are: rectified, semi matte for floors, walls, interiors, etc.

What is rectified porcelain?

The difference between the rectified and normal products is that the former has a subsequent production process where the flange is trimmed so that the side of the ceramic tile will be at an angle of 90º with respect to the surface of it.

What is the enameled porcelain?

Enameled porcelain or porcelain stoneware is a ceramic product declared by ISO 13006 / NBR13818 as a specification and is commonly used as a covering for floors and walls.

What is satin porcelain?

Satin. Without being matte, the satin porcelain has a medium brightness, it is a very versatile material that can be used indoors and outdoors.

What is porcelain flooring?

Porcelain stoneware is a compact and hard paste, colored, non-porous. The word "stoneware" means that the ceramic mass of the tile is extremely vitrified, from which it derives its exceptional resistance

What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain?

The difference between porcelain and ceramic is that the former is subjected to a higher temperature and pressure at the time of manufacturing, this is done with the purpose of making it more dense and hard. In the same way, the clay that is used to make porcelain is usually more refined and pure.

The porcelain is very superior in quality, mechanical resistance, in impact resistance, etc.

What are vinyl floors?

PVC or vinyl floor is a type of continuous plastic coating used in places without excessive traffic that may require frequent cleaning, such as laboratories, or nursery schools. It is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride, known briefly as PVC.