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About us

Low Price Floor

Low Price Floor sells all the products distributed by Lasca Design, including our own brand OSIMO ceramiche, among other factories of origin Italy, Spain, Brazil, etc. In addition, the incorporation of products such as high-end tiles, mosaics and high-end guards plus kitchen furnishings.

 On the other hand, Low Price Floor, is developing franchises, that is, points of sale in different cities, next year there will be 3 points of sale that will be added to the two currently existing in Weston and Doral in Florida. 

Low Price Floor offers a safe sale adapted to the client, since it can be done through our digital platform, in our showroom or with the visit of a specialist in person at the client's home.


Ariel Lasca, CEO

Ariel Lasca is an innate entrepreneur, dedicated for more than 20 years to developing business models focused on the development and growth of these through solid strategies in alliances with investors, achieving objectives that add value to stakeholders. It stands out for having a strong business vision, especially customer orientation, it is a regional commercial leader that positioned itself in the US market through its effective strategies, assuming great challenges and seeing results in a highly volatile and crisis economy; This shows how persistent and resilient he is and the great capacity he has to build solid relationships, thus providing credibility.

As a business strategist, he has a high capacity to market all types of businesses, with 20 years of experience in the construction industry, managing to create licensed companies that are now international franchises.