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What is the best material for white floors?

What is the best material for white floors?

These five solutions will clear any doubt about the best material for white floors.

We often hesitate to choose white floors for our home for fear of stains, splashes, and apparent defects.

What we tend to forget is that there are perfectly functional materials to give your decoration that touch of sophistication and spaciousness that comes with a solid and clear floor.

If what you are looking for is a balanced space that inspires tranquility and order, these materials are for you.


Whether bamboo or hardwood, the texture of this type of flooring usually gives a unique cozy touch to the spaces, and its installation can be quite practical.

If your house already has this kind of floors, a little sanding and painting will do to get an immediate result.

However, if what you are looking for is a change, the installation of solid wood floors of light tones can give a complete twist to your decoration.

White oak, ash, and bamboo are your best options, although you can always use luxury vinyl tiles or porcelain stoneware with a wood look and get a very similar effect.

Everything always depends on your budget, lighting, and advice.

2.Vinyl or rubber

These are some of the cheapest options to get a white floor of an excellent finish.

Frequently used in cleaning areas, kitchens, and bathrooms, they can be easily installed using sheets or tiles, and they are handy when soundproofing any space.

The problem with these materials is their brittleness to long exposures to direct sunlight, which can give your floor that worn look that makes so many people think twice about this color as part of the decoration.


If what you are looking for is a durable and resistant option, ceramics is the best solution.

After being hardened at high temperatures, this is the most resistant clay and most frequently used in all types of spaces - whether commercial or domestic - and it can last for many years.

The wide variety of tiles and designs favor the decoration options, and its cleaning is effortless.

The risks are few, and the benefits are many.


Another option for resistant floors is porcelain - kaolinite mixed with other raw materials and cooked at high temperatures - which give a neat, low porosity finish and high water absorption.

Despite being frequently found in bathrooms, porcelain has become one of the favorite materials in interior decoration thanks to its versatility and ability to simulate other types of surfaces.


This is one of the materials that we find most frequently in the history of architecture and is usually associated with the idea of ​​luxury and large spaces.

As a noble stone, marble is exceptionally resistant, with high absorbency, and resists the passage of time.

Although the rock gives a unique touch to the decoration, finding a pure white floor is very difficult.

 Let your imagination go free and take the risk of a beautiful white floor, forever changing your decoration ideas.

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